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Tora is a classical style board game of a genre often referred to as abstract strategy. The tiger theme of Tora is for the purpose of reminding everyone of the need to protect and rescue ecological concerns world wide in a fun way.
Every OFFICIAL Tora item sold donates a listed amount to an ecological concern, whether local, national or international from the perspective of the location sold. Please join us in raising awareness to endangered ecological concerns while playing a game that helps exercise the mind in a classical atmosphere of strategy. Enjoy :)

Site Information and Tora

The site navigation at the top can lead you to more information about the game, information about registered official companies currently providing access to the game, direct sales to customers, events and licensing. To the immediate left you can click on any of the flags to download a version of the complete rules in the language most prevalent in that country.

As stated above, the tiger flavor for this game is meant as a fun way to remind people of the danger tigers in our real world face from extinction. The reason why tigers are highlighted is because they are considered a warning animal (much like frogs). Because they are present in areas from Siberia to Indonesia, their presence is a direct indicator of the environmental conditions where they and their prey lives. For the fictitious explanation of Tora, please see the introductory quote below:

“Centuries ago, in another land far away, a war was fought between two leaders of a tiger-like race. Their names are long forgotten, but the memory lives on in this game of strategy and cunning!”

Konekomimi's Fields is the title of the painting at the top of this page; and was painted by the accomplished artist Timothy Vann Dennis based off images created by Kevin Conner - you may reach the accomplished Mr Dennis through facebook: Click Here.
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