Licensing Information

Licensing for the game TORA will guarantee your company's participation with other companies, by being listed on the official TORA website. You will also be granted access to trademarks, translations, tournament schedules, and other such items at our disposal. Though, there are several non-negotiable terms, you will find that licensing of TORA products is relatively inexpensive compared with other licenses, as you will be dealing with Ninja Nezumi Productions, L.L.C. directly. To top it off, your company will become known as a company which cares about the ecology of your distribution region of choice. Good press is good press!

Ninja Nezumi Productions, L.L.C., is also happy to work with manufacturers of any size, providing they can meet our standards of liability, truth in advertising as well as other business affairs, and other contract restrictions.

If you wish to become a licensed manufacturer or tournament director for the TORA Board Game, or have any other questions pertaining to licensing agreements, please send an email to this address:

Please be aware you must type the address, there is no automatic email link. This is to help protect against overzealous spam bots.

Meanwhile, you may browse this *.pdf file to answer most of your questions concerning licensing the TORA board game.

Left click to load the *.pdf document into your window. You can then click file->save to save to your harddrive. Or right click the link, and save the file directly to your harddrive.